How To Choose The Best PVC Flooring?

PVC or vinyl flooring is ruling the world of flooring nowadays because of its endless beneficial features. This flooring is not only cost-effective but also exquisite, easy to clean, resistant to damage, and widely available. That’s the reason people are selecting this flooring for their residential and commercial areas.

If you also want to buy vinyl flooring online for your place and you are confused about how to choose the best PVC flooring, then today I shall guide you completely and give you all the information that is required during the process of selection.

Without further delay, let’s start the discussion and clear up all your confusion about choosing the best PVC flooring.

7 Major Factors To Consider While Choose The Best PVC Flooring For Your Place

Here are some very important things that you need to consider while choose the best PVC flooring for your commercial or residential areas.

1. Assess The Space In Which You Want To Install Vinyl Flooring

Assess The Space In Which You Want To Install Vinyl Flooring

First, decide in which area you want to install vinyl flooring. Although vinyl flooring is almost suitable for many places, there are some spaces that are not good for the installation of PVC flooring.

Vinyl is safe for indoor areas like bedrooms, living rooms, TV lounges, and even kitchens. Therefore, you must decide in which area you want to install vinyl flooring and then buy it. In this way, it will prove beneficial for you.

People who want to install flooring in outdoor areas should not choose vinyl flooring. Basements are also not a safe area for the installation of PVC flooring because most of the basements have high levels of water, and vinyl can’t be installed in such places.

2. Find The Best Shop To Buy

Find The Best Shop To Buy

After selecting the room for the installation of the vinyl flooring, it’s now time to select the best shop in your area for the purchase of PVC flooring. You can take help from Google reviews for the selection of the shop.

Search for the best PVC flooring shop near me, and then visit all the shops’ galleries. Observe which shop has the finest collection of vinyl flooring. Read the customer reviews of the shop and then decide.

You can also visit the shop if needed to check the quality of PVC flooring that they are providing. Also, try to find out if the shop you have selected has an excellent reputation in the market or not. Try to select a well-reputed shop that cares about the satisfaction of its customers.

3. What Should Be Installed? (Tiles, Planks, or Sheet)

What Should Be Installed (Tiles, Planks, or Sheet)

There are three main types of PVC flooring: tile flooring, plank flooring, and sheet flooring. It is entirely up to you which type of PVC flooring you wish to install in your home.

PVC sheet flooring comes in many colors, designs, and patterns. This type of flooring comes in large sheets that can be easily cut according to the customers’ requirements. The customized PVC sheet flooring is expensive as compared to standard sheet flooring. This flooring is usually used to cover rough floors like concrete.

Vinyl or PVC plank flooring comes in large separate planks. Customers can buy the required number of planks according to the size of their place. The plank PVC flooring has the texture of hardwood flooring.

Vinyl tile flooring is mostly used in kitchens and bathrooms. This flooring is very easy to clean and maintain. You can easily install tiles on your own by just following a DIY guide.

4. Choose Ideal Thickness

Choose Ideal Thickness

After choosing the flooring, now it’s time to select the ideal thickness for your flooring. The PVC flooring is available in different thicknesses. Choose the ideal thickness of flooring according to the requirements of your room.

If you are installing flooring in a high-traffic area, then the thickness of the wear layer of flooring must be between 0.25 mm and 0.30 mm. If the room doesn’t face high traffic, then the wear layer with a thickness of 0.15 mm to 0.25 mm is enough.

A room that has very little use can have flooring with a minimum thickness of wear layer. The wear layer thickness of flooring for these rooms can be 0.12 mm to 0.15 mm. Choose the best thickness of flooring according to the needs of your room.

5. Pick The Perfect Design And Color

Pick The Perfect Design And Color

After selecting the ideal thickness of the wear layer of flooring, it’s now time to decide on the design and color of the flooring. Always try to choose the color of the flooring according to the interior of the place. The PVC vinyl flooring is available in unique designs and colors. You can easily get the color of the flooring that you want for your place.

Try to use a timeless design for the flooring, so when the flooring trend changes, there is no need to change your flooring. Neutral color floorings such as grey, beige, white, and black are always popular.

6. The Sound Insulating Features

The Sound Insulating Features

Sound insulation is also very necessary for the flooring. If you want your flooring to absorb the noise, then while buying the PVC flooring, also check this feature too. There are also too many ways in which you can easily make your simple flooring sound isolated.

The addition of underlay can easily make the flooring more sound isolated, so you don’t have to hear the annoying sound of footsteps on your floors anymore.

7. Cost


Before choosing the best PVC flooring for your place, it is best to consider your budget. Although PVC vinyl flooring is very cost-effective, you should still consider your budget and try to buy good-quality flooring at affordable rates.

There are many good shops in the UAE that provide highly comfortable, durable, and reliable flooring at cheap rates to their customers.


Now you know all about how you can choose the best PVC flooring for your place. Just follow the instructions and you will end up with the perfect flooring. Just remember to notice the quality and comfort of the flooring, and then you can comfortably buy the best for your residential or commercial areas. Best of luck in choosing the best PVC flooring Dubai for your place.