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At PVC Vinyl Flooring, we specialize in providing premium flooring solutions tailored to the specific needs of healthcare facilities. Our extensive selection of hospital vinyl flooring materials, and expert installation services all contribute to the safest, most hygienic, and visually appealing environment. Trust us to transform your hospital environment with our exceptional flooring solutions today!

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Linoleum Vinyl Flooring

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) Flooring

LVT is a premium flooring option that replicates the look and feel of natural floor materials such as wood or stone.

Acoustic Vinyl Flooring

Homogeneous Vinyl Flooring

Our Homogeneous vinyl flooring is a solid, single-layered vinyl floor system that offers superior durability and hygiene.

Rubber Vinyl Flooring

Heterogeneous Vinyl Flooring

Our Heterogeneous vinyl flooring comprises multiple layers, including a wear layer, printed design layer, and backing layer.

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Every option in our flooring collection in Dubai upholds the highest standards of quality and performance.

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We only make use of top-quality materials so as to serve you with the most promising floor treatments.


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Our hospital vinyl flooring is made to withstand high foot traffic and intense usage without showing signs of aging or damage.


These floorings comprise antimicrobial properties that prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi, thus maintaining healthy indoor air quality.

Slip Resistance

Our vinyl flooring is designed to be extremely slip resistant, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring the safety of patients, staff, and visitors.

Low Maintenance

This Hospital vinyl flooring is simple to clean and maintain, making it a favorable solution for healthcare facilities.


Sound Absorption

Our Hospital vinyl flooring has sound-absorbing properties, making the environment significantly more comfortable.

Design Options

Our Hospital vinyl flooring is available in a variety of designs to help create a visually appealing atmosphere.

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We offer top-notch installation services to ensure a seamless and efficient flooring solution for healthcare facilities.

When it comes to hospital vinyl flooring installation, our skilled team ensures a smooth and efficient process that meets all the needs of healthcare facilities. We guarantee a secure fit with attention to detail and precision, creating a hygienic and safe environment. You can count on our experience in supplying premium flooring solutions that will dynamically improve the functionality of your hospital.


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We Offer Top-Of-The-Line Vinyl Flooring Solutions In The UAE

Customized Design Options

Our collection of vinyl flooring designs helps in the creation of a unique space that complements every brand.

Environmental Friendliness

Our vinyl flooring is manufactured with eco-friendly materials, ensuring a sustainable flooring solution for healthcare facilities.

Beneficial Consultations

Our experienced team provides guidance and consultation to help you choose the most suitable vinyl flooring options.

Easy Maintenance

Our vinyl flooring requires minimal maintenance, making it easy to clean and keep hygienic in high-traffic hospital areas.

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By choosing our Hospital Flooring Dubai in UAE, customers can be confident of receiving top-tier Hospital Floor tiles that ensure maximum hygiene, safety, aesthetics, and long-term performance, tailored to meet the specific needs of healthcare buildings.

Exceptional Customer Service

Our dedicated team offers expert advice, and prompt support, ensuring complete satisfaction throughout the flooring project.

Competitive Pricing

We offer affordable pricing structures while maintaining the highest standards of quality in our flooring products and services.

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Our healthcare facility’s noise levels have been significantly reduced thanks to the sound-absorbing qualities of the flooring provided by the PVC Flooring Dubai, which has helped to create a relaxing environment for our patients. For their high-quality ng products, we strongly recommend PVC Flooring Dubai!

Muhammad Ahmad
Muhammad Ahmad

We are incredibly happy with the hospital flooring services offered by PVC Flooring Dubai. They are selling the best quality flooring treatment at highly reasonable rates. We are impressed by its anti-slip qualities, which guarantee the security of both our staff and patients. 

Muhammad Usman
Mohammed Usman

Last year, we received the best services from PVC Vinyl Flooring. Their professionals helped us with the best consultation as well as the most promising services. Moreover, their team was highly cooperative, experienced, and friendly!

Saleha Sheikh
Saleha Sheikh

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You should consider factors such as durability, hygiene, slip resistance, safety, and maintenance when choosing Hospital Flooring.

Commonly used Hospital Flooring options are vinyl, linoleum, rubber, and epoxy flooring.

Our Hospital Floorings made with antimicrobial technology prevent the growth of bacteria, fungi, and other harmful microorganisms. This feature contributes to the maintenance of a clean environment, lowering the risk of infections and promoting patient safety.

Yes, some of our hospital flooring options, such as rubber and linoleum, have sound-absorbing properties that can aid in noise reduction in healthcare facilities.

The longevity of hospital flooring is determined by various factors including the type of flooring, foot traffic, and maintenance practiced. A high-quality hospital can last anywhere from 10 to 20 years if proper care is provided.