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__ Different Types

We Have a Huge Range Of Luxury Stair Carpets

Gym Rubber Mats

Loop & Cut Pile Carpets

Our Loop pile carpets with unexposed yarns and cut pile ones with the tuft of fibers cut from the top are best for high-traffic areas.

Outdoor Rubber Mats

Polyester And Nylon

Polyester fiber carpets are super sturdy. Whereas, our Nylon carpets have great resistance against crushing, and staining.

Bathroom Rubber Mats

Polypropylene Carpets

Our Polypropylene carpeting is highly resistant to moisture and stains and the perfect choice for busy households.

We Offer Versatile Sisal Carpet Options For Every Need

At our store, we stock the widest ranges of sisal soft floorings to help you find the perfect match for every area and setting. You can have these high-quality carpets for bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, corridors, staircases, entrances and outdoors. Additionally, they can also be placed in humid or moisture-prone areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, basements and laundry rooms.
Moreover, our carpets come in extensive print, pattern, color and size varieties. The most popular choices for these carpets are earthy tones and neutral patterns in either square, rectangular or round shapes. You can also get custom designing for these carpets according to your taste.

Stair Carpet

Notable Attributes Of Having Our Stair Carpets In Your Homes

Attractive Appeal

Our grey stair carpet makes your spaces eye-catching with its soft and elegant look.

Improved Safety

These carpets efficiently protect you from sudden falling or tripping and are perfect for your home.

Add Comfort

You will get the most comfortable feel underfoot when walking over carpeted stairs.

Reduced Noise

Our best stair carpets absorb the noise of foot steps, ensuring a peaceful environment.

Protection of Floors

By installing our carpets and runners, you can protect your stairs from stains and scratches.

Easy Maintenance

The maintenance of these carpets is really easy to carry out and best choice for your home.

Our Stunning Collection

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Approach us for the installation of luxury stair carpets Dubai in order to achieve all desired results. Our workers employ the most innovative procedures, perfectly securing the carpeting to every nook and corner of the stairs. Getting fitting services from our experts will give a smooth and long-lasting finish to your stairs.

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For custom carpets, you can tell us the size of your stair’s riser and tread.

Design Selection

We have a range of pattern options for stair runners.

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Before choosing any, you can check the samples for design and quality.

Durable Solutions

Our quality carpeting for stairways can last for the longest time spans.

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PVC Vinyl Flooring is the one-stop source for exceptional carpeting treatments. We offer you a timeless way to enhance the beauty and functionality of your stairs with our runner carpets. Our carpets are finely manufactured to endure the test of time both indoors and outdoors.

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They not only helped me with the design selection but also provided me with the installation amenities. You guys can totally rely on them for quality services.

Ekram Choudhary
Ekram Choudhary

I decided to install carpets on the iron stairs of my home due to my toddler. PVC Vinyl Flooring provided me with the best customized stair carpets. Now my child can play without any risk of injuries.

Zarlish Saleen
Zarlish Saleen

Installing their carpets on stairs has added instant glam to my home interior. Their best quality carpet with unique patterns provides me with plenty of comfort. Thanks to their team for being the most cooperative throughout the project.

Elif Demir
Elif Demir

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A stair carpet is a stripped piece of carpet that is fitted to the middle of stairways. Unlike regular carpeting, these strips are not excessively wide. They are installed on the riser and tread separately, creating luxury and comfortable surfaces to step on.

Stair carpets provide extraordinary support in the event of a fall. These carpets promote safety in households. Additionally, they add comfort, warmth and texture to the interiors.

To get the accurate size for the carpet, you will need to measure the height of the riser and the length and width of the tread.

To keep your carpet looking pristine and fresh, you should regularly clean your stairways with a stiff brush. For deep cleaning, you can use a clean cloth, carpet shampoo, and a scrubbing brush that will eliminate all the accumulated dust.

Yes! These carpets can be installed on every type of stairs weather curved or straight. Outdoor iron and indoor wooden stairs can also be finely covered with these carpets, improving the overall beauty and comfort of the place.