Which Is Better, A PVC Floor Or A Ceramic Tile?

One of the best solutions to enhance the appeal of your home is to renovate your floors. Floors can be decorated with many accessories like carpets, rugs, and wooden flooring as well. However, one of the timeless solutions to sprucing up your floors is a PVC floor or ceramic tile. Both floorings have their own merits and demerits.

PVC floors are just the alternative to vinyl flooring, while ceramic tile is a mixture of different natural materials like sand, water, quartz, and other materials like clay. Here we’ll discuss the comparison between these two flooring treatments, which is better: a PVC floor or ceramic tile. If you want to know the difference, then keep reading this article till the end.

Difference Between PVC Floors and Ceramic Tiles

Difference between PVC Floor Or A Ceramic Tile

A PVC flooring treatment differs from ceramic tile in terms of appearance, composition, performance, maintenance, and, above all, installation. Let’s get straight to the basic differences between best PVC floor tiles and ceramic tile.

  • Composition & Production

The composition of ceramic tile is different as it is made from a mixture of clay and different natural materials like sand and water. It is covered with a surface glaze after grinding, pressing, and heating over a fire to harden it. This tile can be used on the floors and walls as well.

PVC flooring is a synthetic or thin type of floor covering that can be placed only on floors. They have a fiberglass backing and a variety of patterns and textures on them. It is composed of polyvinyl chloride and is available on the market in different forms, i.e., sheets, planks, and tiles.

  • Performance & Maintenance

There’s a greater difference between the maintenance of ceramic tiles compared to PVC tiles or planks. Ceramic tiles are cold in texture and non-slippery in type. However, it is extremely difficult to maintain them as they can get dirty easily and require frequent cleaning.

PVC floors are not troublesome to maintain at all. Instead, it is a lot easier to clean them with a mop. PVC floor covering offers resistance to water and is easy to manage.

  • Installation Process

The installation process of ceramic tiles is exhausting as ceramic tiles are quite heavy. It takes more time than PVC floors and ceramic tiles are not reusable after you remove them once from the floors.

PVC floors offer easy installation, and their light texture and weight make them a better choice. You can directly lay them over the floors, and these floors offer a more comfortable feeling when you walk on them barefoot.

Significant Reasons To Choose PVC Flooring Over Ceramic Tiles

Reasons To Choose PVC Flooring

Modern PVC floors are the ideal solution as compared to ceramic tiles in many aspects. Let’s discuss those factors to decide which is better a PVC floor or a ceramic tile.

1. Appearance

PVC floor covering comes in different textures and layouts that exactly look like marble tiles, and it adds to the benefits of PVC flooring. The appearance of ceramic tiles is also good, but it doesn’t offer as many designs as PVC sheets and planks can provide. PVC floor covers can be reused again after you move your apartment or home, but you cannot use ceramic tiles once you have installed them.


2. Budget Friendly

If you want to improve the outlook of your floors but you are low on budget, then the only solution you can pick to adorn your floors is PVC sheets, planks, or tiles. The installation of PVC floors is not much more expensive than the tile installation. You can directly install these sheets and planks over the floors. PVC sheets are less expensive than ceramic tiles, which can cost nearly as much as carpets or regular wood floors.

3. Easy to Change

You can change the PVC sheets or planks easily whenever you need to, as it is a reusable flooring solution. Whether you want to use them at any other place or go to buy a new one, it is budget-friendly to have them. But you cannot change the ceramic tiles whenever you want as it is non-recyclable and an expensive solution.

Easy to Change

4. Safe For Kids & Pets

If you have kids or elderly people in your home, then you must consider buying PVC floors because PVC sheets offer better resistance against slipping than ceramic tiles. Both solutions are water resistant, but water can get into the gaps or joints between the ceramic tiles and can cause mold and mildew to grow. While there are non-existent gaps between the PVC floors compared to ceramic tiles,

To End The Discussion!

Want to upgrade your floors with an inexpensive flooring solution? Then the absolute choice is PVC floors, which are easy to install and reusable. While ceramic tile can be costly for people with a low budget, It is difficult to install these tiles that are non-reusable and can crack. PVC planks and sheets are the better options if you have kids or pets at home. You can change your PVC floor whenever you desire, and it is not hectic, and it is easier to maintain and clean