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If you are planning to renovate your living space, then you must be looking for an adorable and affordable flooring solution. Our brand provides you with the most lucrative flooring solution, which is epoxy flooring dubai, best suited for all settings. Your area will be transformed into a modernized space after our epoxy floor treatment.

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__ Versatile Variety

We Offer Limitless Design Options Of Epoxy Floors


Metallic Epoxy

The metallic epoxy floor design creates stunning, glossy and three-dimensional effects, which can lift up the entire tone of any place.


Flake Epoxy

This glamorous epoxy design incorporates decorative vinyl flakes which gives out a really adorable and attractive appearance.


Stained Epoxy

This treatment involves applying a translucent epoxy layer to the concrete surface. It has pigments and dyes to create various aesthetic patterns.

Perfect Epoxy Flooring Dubai
Classic Epoxy Flooring Dubai

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We Are the Top Rated Epoxy Flooring Supplier in the UAE

PVC Vinyl Flooring is a top-tier company in the United Arab Emirates supplying the best quality epoxy flooring Abu Dhabi.

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Perfect Construction

Our manufacturers use latest techniques and finest quality material for crafting epoxy flooring.


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Noteworthy Features of Our Epoxy Design Floors

Highly Durable

Our incredible epoxy wood floor is build to last for several years with the same extent of beauty.

Strong & Resilient

Our epoxy coated floor is an extremely strong and resilient choice for high foot-traffic areas.

Excellent Versatility

There are endless design options available from which you can choose for your home.

Ease of Maintenance

This highly functional floor is way too easy to maintained and clean, saving your time and effort.

Chemical Resistant

Its chemical resistant nature makes it an ideal choice for commercial and industrial use.

Reasonable Price

Our epoxy flooring price in Dubai is really low that you can easily purchase it on low budget.

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We are the leading installers of epoxy flooring for both residential and commercial spaces.

Call us now and book our team for all sorts of epoxy treatments at the most affordable rates. Our services will make your interiors more comfortable, pleasing and easy to maintain. We are all the time available and will reach your location on time to get our task done efficiently with our entire team of highly skilled workers.

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Our highly skilled workers can customize this flooring treatment in your preferred design or color.

Repairing & Fixing

Our professionals also provide you with top-notch epoxy floor fixing and repair services.

Swift Order Delivery

We quickly deliver your order to the specified address for a very low price.

Free Area Visit

Our team will pay a quick visit to your place before the installation of our exquisite epoxy floor tiles.

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Why Should You Choose Us for Epoxy Flooring in the UAE? company is one of the leading brands in the UAE, offering the most incredible amenities and flooring treatments at the most discounted rates.

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We provide professional guidance in the selection of a perfect flooring design according to your home interior.

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Our team will provide you with complete quality assurance for every flooring treatment.

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Customized Epoxy Flooring Dubai
Best Quality Epoxy Flooring Dubai

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The entire look of my home is transformed after the installation of epoxy floors. They are selling the best quality flooring treatment at highly reasonable rates. 


What an amazing epoxy flooring installation job done by their professionals. They arrived on time and finished the work in the estimated time. You guys should also hire their experts.


I hired their team for the installation of epoxy flooring in my living space. They arrived on time, and what an amazing job they have done! Thank you so much.

Ceyan Philis
Ceyan Philis

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In order to keep the shine of your epoxy flooring maintained, it is necessary to sweep it daily and use a damp mop. Also, you can use a mild detergent for proper cleaning to retain the look.

There are a number of benefits that make this flooring a beneficial choice for most people. It is highly durable with excellent stain and chemical resistance. It is simple to maintain and can give your space the finest appearance.

Yes, epoxy flooring can be repaired by applying a new layer. The damaged area can easily be patched, and both the appearance and functionality of the floor can be restored.

Yes, our highly functional epoxy floor is completely safe for homes. Once it gets cured, it becomes hard and tough enough to bear heavy foot traffic. Its chemical-resistant and easy-to-clean nature make it an advantageous choice.

According to our experts, first, you need to clean the subflooring properly. Then, mix the epoxy resin and hardener right according to the instructions. After that, apply the mixture evenly on the floor and let it cure.