Terms And Conditions

PVC Vinyl Flooring is the leading company in Dubai that provides interior design services to enhance your property’s style and worth. Our top-notch company provides efficient flooring and furniture treatments to improve your company’s interior design. To maintain a professional and streamlined work process, we work on certain rules and regulations specified by the company for our featured products and services. Our end-user license agreement with detailed information about our product and service approaches will ensure a proficient and professional dealing experience.

According to the terms and conditions specified by the company, we possess and allocate contractual rights to the user to get our services.

Our Exclusive Products And Services

Pvcvinylflorring.ae are more than pleased to present you with our fascinating collection of interior design elements. Our platform provides you with every kind of essential ranging from residential & commercial floorings, mats or carpets, and high-quality indoor and outdoor furniture. For each of our products and services, we reserve all the copyrights.

Each of the products is manufactured using sustainably sourced natural and synthetic materials. We provide guarantees and warranties on each of our products to assure you of long-term serviceability. Before shopping, you can go through all the graphical images from our gallery. Those images are the proof of our successfully accomplished projects and images were taken during those project.

Material Composition Of Our Products

Our platform rightfully claims to provide premium quality products with meticulous construction. For our featured products, here are the details you need to know:

  • We stock a variety of materials and designs for each product.
  • We assure you of the sustainable construction of every essential.
  • The materials used during the manufacturing process are of high-quality.
  • You can order ready-made and custom-designed products online.
  • The product delivered to you will be as it is shown in the image.
  • There’s a chance of the slightest color variation due to light effects.
  • For customizations, we contact you to get the detailed information.
  • For further proceedings, we send you a confirmation e-mail after taking an order.
  • You can request alterations when your product still needs to be manufactured.

Product’s Accuracy And Precision

Our company offers the flexible service of product customizations according to your bespoke details and requirements. Here are the general conditions and specific details about our custom treatments:

  • To ensure integrity and flawlessness, we make site visits for inspection purposes.
  • Considering your unique requirements, we take every dimension & detail into account.
  • Our professionals always seek approval to confirm your choices for further proceedings.
  • Also, you can show us your desired sample for the product to be tailored to your needs.
  • After an item delivery, you cannot expect alterations in your custom-made product.

Details For Order Processing

To book an order for your desired product, you can get in touch with us via different communication means.

Visit Online Website

Contact us by visiting our official site and schedule an appointment to discuss your queries and concerns.

Call Us On Telephone

You can call us via mobile phone which is the most convenient way to reach out to us for booking an order.

Contact Via WhatsApp

The details of your chosen product can be shared on WhatsApp as well which will ensure smooth dealing.

Confirmation Call By Company

After receiving orders from clients, our client’s representative team will contact you shortly for confirmation of the order. In the confirmation e-mail, you’ll find all the details of your order for checking purposes. You can check out the details to eliminate any conflict or misleading information.

Rules For Order Cancellation

To cancel your order in any case or due to any genuine reasons, certain conditions will be applied for efficient dealing.

  • You can cancel your order only when there’s a manufacturing defect on our end.
  • If there’s an issue because of misleading details by the client, we won’t take responsibility.
  • You have the specified time limit of 2-3 business days to cancel your order.
  • The cancellation rule won’t be applicable outside of the time limit allocated by the company.
  • You’ll need to notify us during the reserved time duration with a detailed description.

Conditions For Product Refund Or Return

Our company provides flexible opportunities for product refund or return for your purchased orders that come with certain restrictions:

  • Product return is applicable only if it was swapped or not designed accordingly.
  • You can also sign up for a refund if there’s a manufacturing flaw on our end.
  • We’ll demand a video or picture of the product with comprehensive issue details.
  • The product must be returned in the same condition as it was purchased.
  • After receiving it, the company will provide a refund via any suitable payment method.

Some Payment Methods

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Bank Transfer
  • Cash On Delivery


As per the company policy, we reserve the right to cancel the order when clients don’t meet our specified guidelines and rules. To avoid future surprises and any misconceptions, you must go through these general conditions. For more queries regarding the company’s terms and conditions, you can reach out to us anytime.