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PVC Vinyl Flooring presents to you the top-grade wooden flooring Dubai that are totally matchless when it comes to elegant aesthetics and remarkable durability.

Our all-exclusive wooden floor tiles are the smartest compilation of several beneficial functionalities, and they’re meant to uplift the beauty of your surroundings like never before. Its sturdiest and entirely heavy-duty work makes it the most advantageous flooring upgrade to go for.

We Are The Top-rated Suppliers Of Wooden Flooring Dubai

We will let you experience a wholly incredible surface that will be the most comforting and serviceable element around you. We are renowned flooring specialists in the UAE, exclusively dealing with the trendiest and most super-efficient wooden tiles flooring types for decades. So it goes without saying that choosing us as your floor treatment provider will guarantee your most worthy investment.

This very same scenario gets applied to our exquisite wooden flooring Dubai, which is particularly the longest-lasting and toughest flooring choice. And the best part is that you can get this wondrous wood floor from us at completely reasonable prices and give your surrounding décor a completely new dimension, not to mention the most serviceable one by all means!

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Everything You Need To Know About Our wood floor tiles Crafting

As for the creative construction scenario of this specialized flooring of ours, it’s often referred to as “wooden flooring tiles” and is made out of several different wood species, such as oak, maple, pine, walnut, cherry, and certain others. Also, this vinyl wooden flooring Dubai comes in an engineered version as well. For that final finishing, you get super sleek and eye-catching surface designs that truly depict the real wood look (textures).

Our wooden floor is the kind of flooring that lasts a lifetime. It has an incredibly high level of sturdiness from the core to the top layer. The surface you end up with appears to be incredibly solid as a result and can effectively withstand all levels of usage. The astonishing beauty of our wooden pvc flooring comes last but certainly not least.

Our Versatile Types of Wooden Flooring Dubai

Before you decide on your flooring, it is important to know about the varieties available. For vinyl wood flooring, we stock a variety of versatile options that may differ in design, size, style, functionality, or even color. You can choose your desired wood shade to fit into your interior. We are listing below the most effective and trending types of wooden floor tiles, so you will surely find the one that is up to your needs!

White Wood Flooring

White Oak Flooring

This type of flooring is one of the best wooden flooring Dubai types. It is designed with wood textures and just a different wood shade that is quite rare to see. Those who love to have wood appeal with a bit of a different and unique shade can opt for this type. It is really attractive and also integrates a much more natural appeal into your space. You can choose this flooring for indoor or even outdoor use.

Solid Wooden Flooring

Solid Wood Flooring

It is the sturdiest version of the wood floor tiles. It is an excellent way of making a home or company visually appealing. This flooring significantly increases the value of any location where it is installed. Best outdoor wooden flooring Dubai is the most long-term beneficial investment to make in order to perfectly decorate your place with natural appeal.

Dark Wooden Flooring

Dark Wooden Flooring

It is not only a durable option but also works functionally in upgrading the value of your space. With its much-needed natural appeal, this dark wood floor stands as a superb option for indoor flooring. It not only gives a genuine look but also warmth to your space. This flooring is ideal for families with small children and pets. Moreover, you can also choose to install this flooring in outdoor areas.

Light Wooden Flooring

Light Wood Plank Flooring

Another great option for your home is to choose to install light wooden flooring that can add a soft and elegant appeal to your space. This type of flooring is great for making your place effectively inviting with its natural wood look. This flooring can surely add a sophisticated appeal to your space and add value to it.

wood deck floor tiles

Wooden Deck Flooring

It is the most common type of wood flooring. It is perfectly great for any space due to its environmentally friendly options. The natural appeal of this floor beautifies your space with great looks. The best thing about this flooring is that it offers many advantages and favorable features.

Deck wooden flooring Dubai is a great insulator and offers great comfort. It is pleasantly comfortable to walk on and can effectively endure heavy amounts of foot traffic. We can surely say that it is the best option to install in crowded and busy places.

Advantages Of Our Worthwhile Wooden Tile Flooring

Our all-exclusive wooden tiles flooring is the kind of investment that will not only prove to be beyond advantageous for you but will also save you considerable money as well.

Given below are the major notable benefits you’re meant to enjoy after getting our wooden PVC flooring installed in your home.

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Admirable Aesthetics

Featuring the most entrancing appearance and surface patterns of real wood, our wooden laminate flooring texture adds incredible elegance to the entire interiors around them. It does look mesmerizing in itself as well and is a genuine and cozy element to be around.

Dandy Durability

Our wooden flooring Dubai comes with the most unparalleled and extremely prolonged utility. Both its ravishing appearance and the heavy-duty work remain efficient and durable, literally for decades. After having it, you won’t need to look for another floor ever again.

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Spectacular Sturdiness

Wood flooring is the best floor treatment for all spaces and specifically for those which have to bear the highest extent of foot traffic. wooden PVC flooring can effectively withstand all intensities of footfall, wear and tear, and prolonged usage as well.

Vast Versatility

Our wooden tile flooring is the kind of flooring treatment that ideally syncs with all decor themes. From home interiors to professional settings, it works wonders for all areas.

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Safest Sustenance

It is potentially resistant to all sorts of damaging factors, and it seamlessly continues its incredible utility and timeless beauty. Wooden flooring Dubai fade-resistant, moisture-resistant, and perfectly safe from scuffing, scratching, spilling, etc, too.

Welcoming Warmth

The wooden floor will add a delightful level of warmth to your interiors. It’s an energy-efficient and cost-effective way of enjoying the best insulation around you.

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When at PVC Vinyl Flooring, you’re meant to be taken the best care of! And having that said, we’re glad to present to you our exclusively budget-friendly wood flooring that will be the most compensating wood floor design for you, giving you the ideal value for your investment.

We’ve got you the best wood flooring that won’t be a burden on your budget in any way, yet it is entirely energy and cost-effective, which will save you a lot in the years to come. Place the order for your favorite flooring design at, right away!

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For the very purpose of your ultimate convenience, we’ve come up with the highest expert-grade wooden flooring Dubai services for you. These services are meant to effectively ensure that you make the most out of your chosen wood plank flooring and enjoy the ideal functional décor around you.

Our services are available at very reasonable prices, comparable to the cost of wood flooring in Dubai. You can hire our proficient professionals really effortlessly, and they will serve you right in the comfort of your home.

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PVC Vinyl Flooring is the platform that will offer you incredible satisfaction in your aesthetic sense, and in this way, you can dynamically uplift your lifestyle plus comfort yourself. Our services are available around the clock, and we will deliver the best results for your money.

Our workers are very proficient and they are ready 24/7 with their socks pulled up in order to serve you at their best. You only have to book your appointment and our team will be there at your place for an efficient and quick wooden flooring Dubai installation. We also offer a free quotation and measurement service all around the United Arab Emirates. So contact us today and get your floors upgraded now!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Can Solid Wood Be Installed On Stairs?

Yes, you can install solid wood on the stairs. In fact, solid hardwood is considered one of the best flooring solutions for stairs because of its sturdy and tough nature.

Is It Difficult To Maintain Wooden Flooring?

As a matter of fact, the maintenance of wooden flooring Dubai is not too difficult, but you have to consider its regular cleaning. In order to avoid damage and to make them look appealing, you have to sweep and clean these floors on a regular basis.

Which Type Of Wooden Flooring Is Best?

All the wooden floors are amazing and offer their best, but if you want extraordinary serviceability, then oak, maple, walnut, and cherry wood flooring are considered the best choices ever for both residential and commercial use.

How Much Does It Cost For Wooden Flooring?

The cost of wood flooring depends upon the size of the room where these floors are to be installed and the requirements of the user as well. Besides, the type of wood flooring also determines its cost. But on average, you can get these floors installed for between $6 and $12 per square foot.

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