High-Quality Wooden Flooring in Dubai

We offer top-grade wooden flooring In Dubai with professional installation. Our flooring tiles are made to enhance the beauty of your interior. Get our durable flooring treatments at affordable rates. This wooden flooring will be the best investment for your places, enhancing their value. Over and above, you’re meant to experience greatly warm, peaceful and comfortable interiors after the addition of our wooden floors.

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Top-Selling Wooden Flooring Types

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Flooring

Solid wood is used in hardwood flooring to give your floors natural beauty and extra durability.

Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered Wood Flooring

Multiple layers of plywood are stacked together in this flooring. The first layer of this floor is of hardwood.

Laminate Wooden Floors

Laminate Wooden Floors

This flooring is made from high-density fiberboard to give a stunning appearance to your floors.

Classic Wooden Flooring Dubai
Best Wooden Flooring Dubai

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Top-Rated Wooden Flooring Company in the UAE

Our flooring brand is known for providing luxurious and durable wooden floors. Upgrade your places with the most stunning floor treatments.

Different Wood Species

Luxury Finishing Options

Versatile Styles and Patterns

Different Sizes

You can get wooden tiles and planks in different sizes from our flooring shop.

Numerous Projects

We have installed 1280+ wooden floors all over the UAE.

Key Features of Our Wooden Flooring

Natural Beauty

Our hardwood floors are made of the finest quality wood of different species, adding timeless elegance to your place.

Easy Maintenance

There are no hard conditions to keep this flooring in original condition. Regular cleaning and occasional mopping are enough.


Our floors are made of natural wood. They help in making your place insulated and resistant to temperature fluctuations.


Being a top-rated wooden flooring supplier in Dubai, we offer the best quality flooring in Dubai, designed to withstand high foot traffic.


Wooden flooring tiles and planks are available in various patterns, enabling them to be installed in stairs, bedrooms, offices, etc.

Property Value

This is the trendiest floor choice in the UAE. Installing this high-end flooring will increase the property’s resale value.

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Recent Wooden Flooring Projects in Dubai

Luxury Wooden Flooring Dubai


Satisfied Customers

Professional Installation

Hire Our Experts for Wooden Flooring Installation

Installing wooden floors needs expert skill to ensure longevity and beauty. At our flooring company, you will get the professional installation of hardwood floors in Dubai. We have the most talented team of Parquet flooring installers to ensure the elegance and durability of our floors. They prepare the subfloor by cleaning and leveling it. It makes the procedure smooth and fast. We pay attention to every inch of your floor to reach the maximum quality standards. Hire us now to get the flawless installation for wooden flooring in Dubai.

Fast Installation

Innovative Patterns

Expert Finishing

Smooth Surface

Our Working Process

How Do We Upgrade Your Floor?

Sub Floor Preparation

Subfloor Preparation

Our expert team prepares the subfloor before installation to ensure the smooth surface of the floors.


Cutting and Trimming

We help our valuable customers to select the size and shape of wooden floor tiles and planks.



You will get fast and reliable flooring installation. You can ask for all desired installation patterns of wooden tiles.



We provide sanding and finishing after installation to ensure an adorable and smooth floor appearance.

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Why Choose Us

What Makes Us the Best Choice for Wooden Flooring?

You are in the right place to buy Dubai’s most durable and attractive wooden floors. Our collection features various wooden textures, helping you to choose contrasting textures for your interior. Get the best floors in Dubai from our shop.

High-Quality Materials

Our floors are made of the finest quality wood. Some of the best wood species in our collection are oak, walnut, and bamboo.

Affordable Prices

We charge reasonable wooden flooring Dubai prices to our customers. Our company offers special discounts on wooden floors.

Modern Wooden Flooring Dubai
Top Quality Wooden Flooring Dubai
Reliable Wooden Flooring Dubai

Customer Testimonials

See How Our Clients Appreciate Us

This is one of the best flooring companies in Dubai. They have floors made of almost every kind of wood; I have not seen such an extensive floor collection in any other flooring firm in the UAE. Impressive!

Leo Blair
Leo Blair

Their staff is very cooperative and knowledgeable. They helped me choose the best texture of the wood for my floors. I also got many valuable tips for cleaning these floors. Thank you for your friendly behavior.

Terrance Nunez
Terrance Nunez

I wanted to upgrade my office floor with a long-lasting solution. Their consultants suggested installing wooden plank flooring in my office for added durability and grace. They were right about it!

Riaz Aslam
Riaz Aslam

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Wooden floors are made from different wood species, have incredible strength, show impressive performance and are highly resilient. The extreme durability and elegance make our natural wood flooring superior to other types of flooring.

There are many benefits of installing our wooden floors in homes and offices. They are made to last for more than 40 years. The best feature of these floors is that they require less maintenance. Buy this high-end flooring to add glamor to your interior.

This flooring comes in various types for versatility. Engineered wood and hardwood floors are the two main versions. Hardwood floor composition contains single pieces of natural wood to give natural beauty to any place. Engineered wood flooring adds durability to your floors with its multi-layer composition.

We are one of the leading wooden flooring suppliers in Dubai, known for providing ease to our customers in every possible manner. You can call our experts anytime to get free consultation. They will be happy to assist you in choosing the right type of wooden flooring with the most suitable texture. Call us now to get valuable advice from our experts.

You can vacuum these floors to collect dust from the surface. To clean the stains, you can use white vinegar or baking soda. Don’t use harsh chemicals to avoid harm to the finishing. You can keep them clean and shiny easily with regular sweeping and mopping.