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Gym Rubber Mats

Rubber Gym Mats

These mats are built with quality and sturdy materials to withstand the weight of heavy machinery and high foot traffic.

Outdoor Rubber Mats

Outdoor Rubber Mats

These mats have a long lifespan and are weather resistant, thus can withstand harsh conditions with no wear and tear.

Bathroom Rubber Mats

Bathroom Rubber Mats

These Rubber mats have a water-resistant nature and are anti-slip, thus protecting you against any sort of fall and slip in the bathroom.

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PVC Vinyl Flooring, the top-notch floor treatment specialist, offers you the widest collection of Rubber Mats Dubai for comfy and safe floors. Our rubber floor mats feature the finest quality recycled rubber and come with different thickness levels as well as size options to best meet every need.

With these high-performance mats, you can improve your workout experience and also get enhanced comfort underfoot. We offer multiple dedicated matting options for every workout activity and sports facility and you can add them to both residential and commercial gyms. Moreover, these mats make a heavy-duty and durable floor covering for high energy-efficiency.


Prominent Features of Our Rubber Mat Flooring Dubai

Slip Resistant

With our rubber floor mats for your home, your safety will be ensured as they have anti-slip structures.

Weather Resistant

You can even place our rubber door mats outside, and they will perform the best.

Shock Absorbant

These top-notch mats have excellent shock-absorbent features and have a comfortable.

Sound Elimination

They can reduce the noise level and can provide you with a peaceful environment in which you can work out.

Versatile Variety

They are available in every size, shape, color, design, or pattern to match the interior of your living space.

Easy Maintenance

They require zero to low maintenance, as their surface is resistant to stains, making the cleaning process quick.

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Flooring Installation

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We are not just popular rubber floor mat suppliers in the UAE, but we are also well-known for our floor installation services.

Our team is committed to getting your floors fitted according to your specific needs. Whether you go for our rubber kitchen mats or an entire rubber gym flooring solution, our team offers a complete and flawless fitting process for each type. Call our team and confirm your booking with our installer’s team right now at the most discounted prices.

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Super Fast Delivery

Our workers are responsible for delivering your order on time at your given location.

Floor Customization

Our craftsman can customize any pattern and design according to your requirements.

Repairing & Fixing

You can hire our experts for any sort of repairing and fixing of your rubber flooring.

Maintenance Tips

We guide you through all the maintenance tips for indoor & outdoor rubber mats.

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Why Should You Prefer Us for Rubber Mats in the UAE? stands out as a one-stop shop in the United Arab Emirates among all other flooring companies. It is always at the top when it comes to providing both quality products and premium services. In addition to being the best rubber mat supplier in Dubai, we have earned a name as the top flooring service provider too.

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We have won more than 10 awards in this industry and made a range of customers happy.

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Reliable Rubber Mats Dubai

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If any of you is looking for a rubber mat, then you should consider this company as your one-stop shop. I really visited their store, and the have every type of mat available. You can easily discuss your requirement, and they will never let you down.


My rating for this company is 10 out of 10 because of its excellent customization and delivery services. The entire crew is really professional and they even offer you some free samples before you place the order. Thank you!


Exceptional services by Team PCV Vinyl Flooring. I got the exact rubber flooring for my garage that I ordered from their online store. Their delivery services are really swift, and prices are so affordable. I would love to shop again. Thank you!

Derya Selim
Derya Selim

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For the proper cleaning of rubber mats in gyms, always use mild soap or detergent mixed with water, scrub the mats gently and rinse them properly with clean water. Then, let them get air dried for better results.

In order to protect your rubber floor mats, avoid placing them in direct sunlight as well avoid the use of harsh chemicals. Also, try to clean them regularly so that they can last for a prolonged time.

For the elimination of rubber smells from the mats, you can place them in a well-ventilated area first before placing them in the exact spot. The use of baking soda and vinegar solutions are some other alternatives that you can consider in this regard.

According to our experts, the first thing you can do is clean them regularly, and then you can apply a silicon-based spray or a rubber protectant to make your rubber mats shine again.

Rubber bath mats are useful because of their anti-slip and water-resistant properties. They provide complete safety and protection against accidents in wet places like bathrooms & kitchens.