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Looking for the best kitchen furniture shop in Dubai?We bring a trendy collection of furnishing elements for your residential and commercial pantries and cookhouses and, that too, at affordable prices.

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Transform your work and dining experience by purchasing our high-performance furniture items. To improve commercial and residential kitchens’ functionality, space, style, value, and convenience, we provide multi-functional, space-saving, trendy, and premium quality furnishings made from robust synthetic and natural materials. Our furniture can withstand daily wear and tear, and is resistant to moisture damage, scratches, stains, and UV damage, ensuring durability.

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Metal & Plastic

Get our metal and plastic chairs and tables, featuring stunning styles.

Stone & Laminate

With stone and laminate finishes, you can select hardware for cabinetry.

Wood & Acrylic

Our wooden seating sets like chairs, stools, and tables appear inviting.

Upholstery Options

Velvet, leather, tweed, hemp, suede, and polyester are trendy upholstery options.

Renovate Your Kitchens With Our Custom Furniture 

We are the best provider of trendsetting and personalized furnishing items for your cookhouse, improving the whole design and functionality. We stock a diverse variety of materials, colors, finishes, shapes, sizes, and designs for the personalization of cabinetry, cupboards, racks, drawers, chairs, tables, countertops, and stools as well.

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We provide you with an exclusive variety of exceptional designs, finishes, textures, stains, shapes, sizes, and colors to match any space’s aesthetics. To enhance your pantry experience, you can add:

Cabinets And Cupboard

Our cabinets with flexible storage and cupboards with pull-out drawers are the most functional additions.

Offers Usage Convenience

Create Decluttered Space

Provides Easier Accessibility

Chair And Tables

Experience luxury dining with our trendy, adjustable, and top-quality tables and chairs.

Wooden & Leather Seating

Foldable & Adjustable Options

Promotes Healthy Eating

Rack And Trolleys

Optimize the use of space by incorporating shelving, racks, and carts, offering efficient management.

Enhance Storage Capacity

Practical, Versatile, Easy Use

Safe & Stylish Food Serving

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PVC Vinyl Flooring is a one-stop workshop with skillful manufacturers and carpenters to provide you with one-of-a-kind furniture for cookhouse revampings. At our online store, you can discover modern and traditional furniture design ranges for affordable styling.


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Our specialists provide complementary suggestions regarding each furnishing selection.

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Get timely responses to your queries about the prices of your desired selected material.

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We supply long-lasting elements, adding value to your indoor & outdoor kitchen.

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Whether it’s assembling a dining set or installation of cabinetry, we do it with perfection.


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The trendy options for cookhouse furnishing elements are vintage, modern, and mix and match. You can select minimal space-efficient, cottage, and island-inspired designs for each furniture item including countertop, cupboard, cabinet, and dining essentials in your pantry.

Yes! It is possible to personalize materials from natural and synthetic materials along with lacquard, glossy, and glazed finishes. Also, you can customize the colors from dark to light and neutrals to sync the existing space’s aesthetics.

Materials, style, colors, durability, layout, space dimensions, comfort, and functionality are the most integral aspects. In addition, you must inspect budget, maintenance, warranties, and trustworthy retailers to find the perfect fit.

The mandatory features of a cookhouse are cabinetry, cupboards, countertops, racks, and carts. In addition, it involves stools, chairs, dining tables, serving trolleys, pull-out waste boxes, and baking racks for improved convenience and functionality.

It totally depends on the type of material you are dealing with. Avoid excess water on cleaning wooden and metal furniture to avoid rust, corrosion, and wrapping. Use a damp microfiber to get rid of all kinds of dirt and stains. Use furnishing shiner, stains, and sealant to enhance the visual, functionality, and durability.