Different Vinyl Tile Types And Best Products Names

After so many researches, it is concluded that floor covering should be water, stain, and impact-resistant to avoid extra maintenance efforts and injuries. Vinyl flooring offers all these features in variable styles and laying patterns. In this article, PVC Vinyl Flooring has put the unique features of vinyl tiles into words for users’ better understanding. This flooring material has been gaining users’ potential due to its outstanding features such as scratch and fade resistance, easy maintenance, and installation. In addition, these heavy-duty tiles are crafted with thick wear and core layers for high durability and longevity. 

Vinyl Tile Types & Product Names | A Complete Description

Vinyl Tile Types & Product Names

In the UAE commercial market, we always find three basic types of vinyl tiles– Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT), Vinyl composite tiles (VCT), and Vinyl plank flooring (VPF). Vinyl tiles are basically designed with multiple materials such as plasticizer, limestone, vinyl acetate, vinyl chloride, and some other copolymers. All these materials are processed through multiple techniques and transformed into long sheets. These sheets are then cut into vinyl tiles and planks of different sizes and dimensions. 

Vinyl Composite Tiles (VCT)

Vinyl Composite Tiles

Vinyl composite tiles are manufactured with thermoplastic binder, limestone (Calcium carbonate), pigments, and filler materials. Regarding their thickness, VCTs are somewhat thinner as compared to other vinyl flooring tiles due to their distinct formulation. These tiles can be utilized to cover both residential and commercial flooring areas due to their size variability. Furthermore, VCTs have porous surfaces that can be prone to water seeping, these tiles require polish or a waterproof layer to prevent the floor surface from water accumulation on the subfloor. 

Prominent Features Of Vinyl Composite Tiles

Prominent Features Of Vinyl Composite Tiles

Cost-Effectiveness: The VCTs are much more cost-effective than other vinyl flooring types due to their budget-friendly composition.

Maintenance & Cleaning: If we go through maintenance and installation, these tiles require low effort due to prompt and flawless installation techniques.

Colors & Patterns Diversity: These tiles have high diversity in sizes and laying patterns along with variable solid and neutral colors.  

Popular VCTs Products

  • Armstrong VCT

Armstrong VCT is the most renowned vinyl flooring product due to its composition with high-quality materials. This durable product is an amazing choice for high-traffic areas because it emits low carbon footprints. 

  • Mannington Commercial VCT

Mannington Commercial Vinyl tiles also make flooring surfaces more secure, durable, and moisture-resistant. Innovative techniques are applied to make its surface texture more slip-resistant and comfortable for underfoot. 

  • Forbo Marmoleum

Forbo Marmoleum gained popularity due to its excellent composition with natural materials such as jute, linseed oil, wood flour, limestones, pigments, and rosin binders. This vinyl product ensures a hygienic floor surface and resists microbial growth.  

  • Tarkett Johnsonite VCT

Like Marmoleum tiles, the major portion of Tarkett Johnsonite product is also designed with natural materials in light and dark shades. To make the flooring area purely hygienic, you can install these tiles with an easy glue-down method. 

  • Amtico Apollo

Amtico Apollo is another prominent product of vinyl flooring, it also offers greater diversity in color patterns, textures, sizes, and shapes. Moreover, these vinyl tiles ensure high sustainability and longevity due to their heavy-duty surface.  

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

As the name mentioned, these Vinyl tiles are usually more luxurious and comfortable due to their extra thickness than any other vinyl flooring material. Adding to this, these tiles are highly suitable for high-traffic areas due to their resistance properties. The major portion of LVTs is composed of vinyl chloride with some other raw materials such as stabilizers, pigments, and high-density backing materials.

Predominant Features Of Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Predominant Features Of Luxury Vinyl Tiles

High Sustainability: LVTs are highly sustainable and durable tiles due to the high concentration of PVC. These tiles ensure longevity due to their extraordinary thickness and non-porous surface.

 Easy Installation: Due to the large-sized tiles and attached adhesive layer, you can swiftly install LVTs along with easy maintenance. With regular vacuuming and cleaning, you can enhance their life duration. 

Realistic Appearance: To experience a realistic or natural ambiance of wood or stones, these tiles are designed with woody or stony textures, colors, and patterns.

Best LVT Products

  • Armstrong Alterna

Armstrong Alterna is a top-notch product of luxury vinyl tiles due to its excellent waterproof features. This enduring product can make your flooring area warm, soft, and reliable with its scratch and stain resistance properties.

  • Mannington Adura Max

Mannington Aura Max is also a luxurious and durable product of LVTs. To install these tiles, you can place them on any subfloor such as marble, wood, stone, concrete, metal, or ceramic. The thick planks or tiles can be inserted into media or conference rooms to reduce sound reflection. 

  • Karndean Opus

Karndean Opus is one of the best products of LVTs that gives floor surfaces a modern ambiance. These tiles are available with unique printing, border, and strip designs. To install Karndean Opus tiles, the best quality grout and underlayment materials are manufactured.

  • Mohawk RevWood

Mohawk RevWood is highly recommendable Vinyl Tiles that are specifically designed for scratch and fade resistance. Due to their extra moisture resistance, these tiles should be installed in damp places such as kitchens, basements, and bathrooms.

  • COREtec Origins

To prepare a well-defined and sustainable floor, COREtec Origins tiles are being manufactured. This unique vinyl product is fabricated with plastic and stone composite with a fine layer of Aluminum Oxide for an interior-defining look.  

Vinyl Plank Flooring (VPF)

Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl Plank Flooring is another common type of vinyl tile that is crafted with three durable layers– backing, core, and wear layer. The overall thickness of all these layers prevents this flooring from daily scratches, wear, and tear. Moreover, these multi-layer planks can be used for both commercial and residential places due to their unique textures and strong water resistance. 

Notable Features Of Vinyl Plank Flooring

Notable Features Of Vinyl Plank Flooring

Durability & Water Resistance: The non-porous multi-layers of vinyl planks make them extra durable and highly resistant to water and scratches. 

Easy Installation: These planks also offer easy installation and maintenance due to their smooth and fine structure. With the glue-down or floating method, these planks can be inserted. 

Realistic Wood Appearance: To add a realistic wooden or stony appearance to your flooring, these planks are crafted with dark and light shades of hardwoods such as oak, maple, beech, cherry, etc.  

Popular Products Of VPF

  • Pergo Extreme

Pergo Extreme is the best-known vinyl plank flooring product for its dent and scratch resistance. To prevent the floor surface from the scratches or dents of pets’ claws and kids’ playing, the wear layer of this product is highly valuable.

  • Shaw Floors Coretec Plus

Shaw Floors Coretec Plus is another eminent product of vinyl plank flooring. This product requires very low maintenance efforts. Moreover, you can easily install this flooring product with multiple customization options in laying patterns and design.

  • Armstrong VRT

Armstrong VRT is the most popular vinyl plank flooring product that enhances the durability and lifespan of your floor. These planks can be customized with different shapes, border designs, and colors. 

  • Mannington Adura Apex

This amazing product can be installed over any type of subfloor due to its high flexibility and resilience. The best flooring product to cover bedroom, living room,basements, and dining area floors. Like other products, it also ensures the maximum water, dent, and spill resistance.

  • COREtec Origins

COREtech Origins is a well-known product of VPF that can enhance the appearance and durability of the floor. This vinyl plank product is crafted with defined edge technology (DET) and properly finished with an Aluminum oxide layer. 

Come To An End!

It is summed up with remarks that Vinyl tiles are the best alternative to other hardwood flooring due to their resilience, comfort, and resistant nature. The unique acoustic and scratch-impeding features of vinyl flooring also empower the customers to utilize them. PVC Vinyl Flooring has explained the prominent features of all types of vinyl flooring along with product description.