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In Dubai, our store is providing the best quality Lvt flooring treatments at super affordable rates. So if you want to invest in a highly durable, affordable, and attractive floor covering for your space, our Lvt floor is an ideal option to opt for. It is available in an extensive range and you can select according to your requirements.

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__ Purposeful Types

Explore The Types of Our LVT Flooring In Dubai

Glue Down LVT
Glue Down LVT

This LVT flooring type be installed by applying the glue directly to the subfloor and pressing the tiles into place.

Self Adhesive Lvt
Self Adhesive Lvt

Self adhesive lvt does not require glue as it has adhesive layers on its back and can get stuck simply by applying pressure.

Interlocking LVT
Interlocking LVT

These tiles do not require any glue or any adhesive for installation yet get installed by click-locking two tiles into one another.

Perfect LVT Flooring Dubai
Reliable LVT Flooring Dubai

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PVC Vinyl Flooring is a popular company in the United Arab Emirates, supplying top-quality flooring treatments at discounted prices along with promising services.

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Ideal Construction

Our LVT flooring manufacturers use premium-grade material for flooring construction.


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Astounding Attributes of Our LVT Floor Coverings

Realistic Appearance

It can mimic the look of any material, such as wood, stone, or ceramic tiles, perfectly.

High Durability

LVT flooring tends to last for years with no damage, thus saving you money.

Water Resistance

These tiles have water resistant nature and are perfect for moisture-prone areas.

Ease of Cleaning

They do not require any detailed or excessive maintenance, thus saving you a lot of time.

Versatile Range

There is a complete range available in terms of colors, and patterns for this flooring.

Insulation Properties

This flooring can absorb the sound of footsteps, vibration, and other annoying sounds.

Extensive Variety

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Durable LVT Flooring Dubai


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Floor Installation Services

Hire Our Team for the Expert LVT Flooring Installation

Our company is renowned for its installation services as well as for supplying quality LVT floors in all the regions of the UAE.

We are not just a well-known LVT flooring supplier in Dubai but also known for our premium floor fitting services. You can contact us and can book our team for the fitting of your desired floor covering in both residential and commercial areas.

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Latest Methods

Timely treatments

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We Offer Outstanding Services in Dubai at Low Rates

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We ensure timely delivery of our customer’s orders at their given location with complete care.

Perfect Floor Customization

Our team is an expert in customizing the floor right according to your preferences and interior.

Floor Fixing & Repairing

You can hire us for the fixing and repairing of your damaged floor covering at any time.

Care & Maintenance Tips

Our professionals will guide you on how to clean LVT flooring so that it can last longer.

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Why Should You Prefer Us for LVT Flooring in the UAE?

Our brand is a top-notch home improvement source in the UAE. Our reliable services, affordable price range, and 100% customer satisfaction, make us unique among all. Call us right now to place the order for our exquisite LVT flooring.

Offer Expert Advice

You can ask for our expert’s advice while selecting flooring for your office or home.

Free Area Visit

We will visit your location to get an idea about the area before the installation process.

Best Quality LVT Flooring Dubai
Classic LVT Flooring Dubai
Customized LVT Flooring Dubai

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I wanted the custom LVT flooring treatment, and this brand was there to help me with it. Their helpful team really carried out the entire process with perfection. The installation process took less time than expected which counts as efficient service.


I shopped for LVT flooring for my apartment renovation. The designs are highly appealing and color tones are just attractive. For affordable flooring solutions, you guys should invest in their modern luxury vinyl tile flooring. Really amazing services!


I invested in their LVT kitchen flooring, and I must say that the quality is absolutely excellent, and the designing is really attractive. You must visit their store if you are looking for an affordable floor treatment. Thank you for the Really amazing services!

Polane Lyela
Polane Lyela

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LVT stands for luxury vinyl tile flooring and is available in a versatile variety. You can select any color, design, or pattern according to your area’s specifications.

LVT flooring differs from traditional vinyl flooring in many ways, such as it has a more realistic appearance, improved thickness levels, and enhanced durability.

LVT flooring has a water resistant nature and thus is an ideal option to opt for areas that are exposed to excessive water, such as kitchens and bathrooms. You can install this floor in these areas with no fear of damage.

Yes, this flooring can be installed over any existing flooring, but make sure that the subfloor is even, clean, and damage-free. This way, you’ll have a comfortable walking experience.

Cleaning and maintaining LVT flooring is way too easy as it only requires sweeping or vacuuming. In order to remove dirt and debris properly, you can also use a damp mop, and a mild cleaner.