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Do you want to install some really practical and functional flooring styles for your home and office? Luxury Vinyl Flooring Dubai is a very economical way to cover your floors.

With the changing flooring trends, our vinyl flooring luxury is top of the list of flooring that is being used nowadays. With the classic and timeless appeal, our outstandingly attractive vinyl flooring has won many hearts & more and more people are trying to opt for this incredible flooring.

If you want to enhance your interior with highly attractive flooring then we at Pvcvinylflooring.ae, bring you the most worthy flooring option. The great thing to know is that our Vinyl luxury flooring is not only elegant flooring that adds value to your home but also beneficial for a variety of reasons. Connect to us to find your ideal flooring option!

Go Through Our Luxury Vinyl Flooring Manufacturing Details

Before you install any type of flooring you must be aware of the manufacturing details so that you can figure out which type of flooring is good for you. With that concern to make our customers know about each detail for the flooring, we are glad to write down the luxury flooring manufacturing details. It takes a lot of time, multiple processes, and the worthiest efforts of our team to design such an impressive LVT flooring option.

We use high-quality raw materials to create this type of luxury vinyl flooring. It considerably consists of 4-layers in common. Starting with heating the vinyl powder and rolling it to make a straight sheet. Then a wear layer can also be said to be a protective layer. After that, a PVC coating is applied to cover these two layers. Finally comes the finishing layer which is the top image film. This layer is just to give your flooring an appealing look. In the end, all 4 layers are heated and pressed together resulting in appealingly attractive flooring.

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Get Our Luxury Vinyl Flooring With Versatile Types & Features

Being the trending flooring in the current time, luxury flooring vinyl is great at enhancing the space with the perfect blending in and attractive features. The availability of luxury vinyl plank flooring in a variety of types made it the top choice of many residential & commercial property owners. You can choose to install either luxury floor tiles, luxury vinyl click flooring, or luxury vinyl tile flooring. All these types of luxury vinyl flooring are great and perform well in every space.

Considering the textures & color shades, you’ll be delighted to know that you can have limitless choices to choose from. You can get the most blending option for your interior theme and add value to your space. Also, this flooring solution is available in a variety of sizes or you can let it be installed in a multitude of patterns. Knowing all of this you’ll surely understand that this is the best flooring for your home that you can opt for!

Consider Some Worthy & Beneficial PERKS Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

Our Perfectly exclusive luxury flooring vinyl is the kind of investment that will not only upgrade the look of your space but also proves to be beneficial for you. If you are still unaware of the advantages of this luxurious flooring then read the below-listed perks of luxury vinyl:

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Appealingly Attractive

Being available in a variety of designs, styles, textures & patterns this is the most attractive flooring. With great aesthetic features, it can upgrade the look of your space.

Water Proof

This is the greatest flooring for a bathroom or kitchen that gets a lot of moisture. If you install a high-quality luxury vinyl flooring Dubai properly, your precious flooring will be protected against water damage.

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Low Maintenance

In your house, vinyl floors are exceptionally easy to clean and maintain. A broom, a mop, and a decent floor cleaner are the only items you’ll need to keep your floors clean. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Slip Resistant & Comfortable To Walk On

It’s a nice and peaceful feeling to walk across luxury vinyl floor. The cushioned layer beneath the sheets provides the ideal blend of firmness and give under your feet. The material is softer than other flooring options and does not become too cold underfoot in the winter.

environment friendly

Stain Resistant

Stains may be a serious concern with some materials. On the other hand, vinyl isn’t one of them. The surface of vinyl tiles and sheets is protected by a transparent protective layer. This not only keeps the floor looking nice but also protects it from spills and stains.

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Budget-friendly Flooring

Installing vinyl in your house is a low-cost option. Prices per square foot as low as 50 cents are possible. Vinyl with a higher price tag is also available. This is, however, still less expensive than other flooring options. The price of this flooring may vary depending on how high of a quality you want to go.

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We sell & supply Luxury Vinyl Flooring Dubai At affordable Rates

Being the most reputable contractors, we are the top-choice contractors of luxury floor tiles. We have been working for many years with the most diversified portfolio of commercial & residential clients. Keeping our vinyl flooring prices low, we aim at offering a standardized flooring solution to all of our esteemed customers.

We always value our customers that way offer high-end flooring solutions at low rates, not only this we are the top vinyl flooring suppliers in Dubai. If you live anywhere around the UAE, you can connect to us for your desired flooring and we’ll get it supplied right at your place!

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Get Your Luxury Flooring Vinyl Installed By Professionals

Customers are valuable for us for sure. We are eager to assist our customers with all their effective needs. Along with providing them with the great luxury vinyl flooring option, we also offer professional installation services in Dubai.

The only aim is to offer these services to make our customers comfortable. We are a team of qualified & experienced installers. We are well-aware of professional tools and the most reliable techniques to install your vinyl luxury flooring. For the accurate installation of your flooring, you can connect to us and our team will be at your place to assist you with all your desired needs.

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Pvcvinylflooring.ae is the top-notch platform that is great for offering high-end flooring solutions. All these flooring solutions including luxury vinyl flooring Dubai are great at upgrading the look of your space. If you want to avail of services or get your flooring supplied & installed at your place then get in touch. You can leave a text or Whatsapp (+971501817075) or throw us an email at (info@pvcvinylflooring.ae).

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Get to explore the most wonderful varieties of vinyl flooring luxury Dubai with us at pvcvinylflooring.ae, for the truly contemporary and chic flooring treatments of all of your places.